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The Polo Lounge — Restaurant Serving Oak Brook, IL

At the Polo Lounge, you're invited to slip into a supple leather chair, sip a cocktail, and unwind. An extensive wine menu and scotch collection will give you plenty to muse, while live entertainment excites the senses on Fridays and Saturdays.


4pm-10pm | Sunday - Thursday

4pm-11pm | Friday - Saturday

Entertainment Schedule (7PM - 10:30PM Fridays & Saturdays)


01st - Diva Montell

02nd - Vince Amore

08th - Connie Marshall

09th - Bonnie Bridges

15th - Stirred Not Shaken

16th - Genevieve Jazz

22nd - Jeorge Holmes

23rd - Randy McAllister

29th - Mark Taylor

30th - Dave and Donna 


05th - Cole Love

06th - Vince Amore

12th - Stan Karcz

13th - No Entertainment

19th - Connie Marshall

20th - Genevieve Jazz

27th - Connie Marshall


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